The First International Diving Conference and Instructor Meeting of China (17-19 April 2015)
DRT Show Beijing is pround to invite the following international industry leaders to attend our International Diving Conference in Beijing on 17-19 April 2015 to share the leading industry information. The conference will features some of the in-depth issues in diving and travel industry particularly in connection with business development, marine and eco tourism sector.
   Day 1 (17 April 2015)
   Main Focus: Diving Business Development of China and Asia, Business Oportunity and New Technology
VIP Speaker Topic
Mr. Jiahui Song On The Principle Of "One Belt And One Road" To Develop Diving Industry.
Mr. Henrik Nimb Diving Business in China and Asia.
Mr. Jason Chong How to Building Up A Diving Communicating Platform For Diver?
Mr. Clement Lee Diving Business In China and Asia,  Business Opportunity In Reference To Malaysia.
Mr. Chris Wachholz The Key to Growing Dive Business in China.
Special thank you to be our VIP guest for Opening Ceremony:
  • Ms. Lehua Kuang, the Director of General Administration of Sport of China (HR Resources Development Center).
  • Mr. Jiahui Song, the Chairman of China Diving & Salvage Contractors Association.
  • Ms. Lin Bin, the Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Beijing Office).
  • Mr. Baoguo Xu, the Director of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Beijing Office).
  • Mr. Gao Qiang, the Diving Consultant of China Underwater Association (CUA).
  • Mr. Clement Lee, the Formal Director of Sabah Tourism Board).
  • Mr. Henry Tao, the Professor of Second Military Medical University.
  • Mr. Niel P. Ballesteros, the Tourism Attache of Philippine Tourism Office, Philippine Consulate General Shanghai.
  • Mr. Jan Mok, the Regional Officer of Yap Visitors Bureau.
  • Mr. Henrik Nimb, the Vice President of PADI Asia Pacific.
  • Mr. Chris Wachholz, the Executive Director of DAN Asia Pacific.
  • Mr. Travis Jung, the Director of TDISDI China and Korea.
  • Mr. John Fang, the Director of TDISDI Taiwan.
  • Mr. Max Wong, the Regional Manager of Unified Team Diving (UTD).
  • Mr. Gallup Y.T. Lee, the Director of PSAI-China, and representative of Wujidiving Club
  • Mr. Merox Wang, the Representative of PSAI-China, representative of Wujidiving Club
   Day 2 (18 April 2015)
   Main Focus: Scuba Diving, Technical Diving, Free Diving, New Diving Sport Development and Diving Safety
VIP Speaker Topic
Mr. Gao Qiang The China National Diving Standard System Introduction Of Training Facilities.
Mr. John Fang The Government Technical Diving Course - Public Diving Safety (ERDI PSD).
政府部门技术潜水课程 - 公共安全潜水(ERDI PSD)
Mr. Gallup Y.T Lee The Technical Diving In China.
Dr. Henry Tao The Medical Evaluation Of Recreational Diving.
Mr. Chris Wachholz Safety is Good Business – What you need to know.
安全是好生意 - 你需要知道的一切
   Day 3 (19 April 2015)
   Main Focus: Underwater Photography and Marine Conservation
VIP Speaker Topic
Mr. Richard Meng No Troubles, Just Bubbles.
Mr. Enzo Chen Underwater Photography Theory And Marine Conservation Photography.
Mr. Ken Thongpila Improve Your Underwater Photography Skills With Resources Around You.
Mr. Zulkarnain Ng Project {RED} Responsibility • Education • Diving.
责任 • 教育 • 潜水 (RED)
Mr. Gary Sun The Meaning Of Underwater Photography
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